About us

studio MORPH is a 3D modelling and visualization company dedicated to providing high-quality computer-generated imagery for architecture, engineering, products or any design. Our expertise in this field ensures that you receive global-quality products. We are committed to meeting tight deadlines at affordable prices but never compromise on quality. We work with our clients from the early stages of planning and design to create marketing materials for webpages, broadcasts, client consultation, printing, etc.

Our services

3D Modelling
Textured or untextured 3d models from provided 2D drawings using AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3D studio MAX, Revit, etc.

Image Rendering:
Exterior and Interior visualisation, 3D Floorplan Render, 3D Product Visualisation.

Photo Montage:
Placing or merging the rendered 3D model of the building into the provided existing site photo to match reality.
Exterior and interior walk-through animation, Construction Sequence, and product demonstration.
360 Panorama Model:
Panoramic QuickTime VR 3D model both for exterior & interior visualisation

Virtual Reality:
An interactive 3D environment which enables users to navigate and visualise any architectural/construction project with full control of movement, camera swap, etc. This is provided as a standalone 3D application to run on various platforms (e.g.
Windows, OS, Android, iOS, etc.).